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Central heating maintenance

Looking after your New Gas boiler:

The Annual MOT

Like cars, New Gas boilers need annual servicing and repair to ensure they are running efficiently and safely. A well maintained gas boiler will not only save you money on your Central Heating bills but is less likely to break down.
Servicing and gas boiler repair in Hengoed South Wales must only be carried out by experienced and qualified engineers

For gas and LPG, use Gas Safe registered engineers and for oil, an OFTEC registered technician.

Ideally, arrange the service for the end of summer so your Gas Boiler is in tip-top condition for intensive use over the winter months. Don’t leave it until you need the Gas Central Heating on Statistics show that there are twice as many boiler breakdowns mid-October when everyone starts switching the heating on than during a normal week in winter.

Regular TLC for your New gas boiler repair!

Don't cover your gas boiler or block up air vents, ventilation grilles, air bricks or outside flues.

  • Never open the cover
  • Gas Boilers shouldn't be tampered with.

If you suspect a problem, call us

CLI Heating Ltd Gas Safe No 190960 

Call 01443 828 100     

Maintenance tips for your New central heating and new gas boiler:

  1. To clean, wipe it with a dampened cloth, and then dry cloth.
  2. To remove any scratching on the painted metal, rub petroleum jelly, in a circular motion over the mark.
  3. Wipe off then buff to a shine.
  4. During the summer, run your heating once a month for 15 minutes to keep it running efficiently.
  5. This will stop the pump becoming clogged with grit and keep moving parts in order.
  6. Gas boiler, fit a carbon monoxide detector to warn you if there's a leak (you can't see or smell carbon monoxide).

Carbon monoxide poisoning from poorly maintained gas appliances kills 20 people a year and 200 serious incidents.

If you smell gas or have a gas leak, turn off your gas,open windows and doors, don't switch any electrical appliances on or off, go outside and call the Gas Emergency Service immediately free on 0800 111 999.

The number should be on your Gas meter Keep their number handy.

Gas Boiler not already protected?

CLI Heating Ltd offers  gas boiler care contract cover at an affordable monthly price of £11.00.

Important landlord advice

CLI Heating's cover customers may be shocked to hear landlords are getting fined after gas fitting offences.

A landlord has been fined by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after he pleaded guilty to carrying out work on a gas supply without the appropriate qualification, policyholders may be shocked to hear.

Richard Elliot, of Exeter was fined £4,000 and ordered to pay £1,787 in costs as a result of a hearing.The homeowners carried out work on a property’s boiler but failed to cap and isolate the live gas pipe, putting the tenants at risk.Simon Jones, HSE inspector, said: "The pipework left in the flat was extremely dangerous and could have led to a major gas explosion if one of the children had simply twisted the valve to let the gas escape."Anyone undertaking work on a mains supply must be associated with the Gas Safe Register - the organisation issued a warning earlier this year to remind householders not to carry out DIY jobs on any central heating  

Gas Central Heating

Those looking at central heating insurance or boiler protection may be interested in new advice issued this week.

A recent post on looked at how changes can be made around the home by replacing Gas boiler and electrical items and improving the way the property's temperature is maintained.

In addition to buying new, more efficient appliances and technology, it was advised changing energy tariffs or suppliers may be one way of cutting the amount spent on utilities.

The Economy 7 option, which sees more paid for energy use during the day than at off-peak times, was cited as one option that people may like to consider.

"So if you're happy to leave major appliances - such as washing machines - running in the small hours, you could see your bills shrink in size," the site added.

CLI  is a provider of extended warranty and breakdown protection for domestic gas central heating appliances.

Gas Boiler repair plan for every budget
As your boiler gets older it becomes increasingly likely to break down and leave you vulnerable to boiler repairs - which are not cheap.

You can avoid the hassle and expense of a breakdown with CLI Care plan from CLI Heating Ltd a warranty plan that will give you:

Boiler Repairs heating system labour and parts costs

A 24-hour UK-based call centre

Option to renew the gas boiler and Gas central heating system.

Includes a annual Gas boiler service.

Gas Boiler plan for most makes of conventional, combination or condensing boilers.

Get protected:

A year's Combination Boiler protection is available from:

£11.00 a month if you pay by Direct Debit

£132.00 when you pay by Cheque or Debit Card;

Note that this warranty product is only available for equipment in good working order.

If your appliance is already broken down please call us on 01443 828 100.

Why Choose CLI for your gas boiler repair South Wales?

See what our gas boiler repair care we can offer you...

Like choosing any insurance-related product, it is important to make sure that your boiler protection is righti for you.

With nearly thirty years’ experience CLI we listen to customer feedback after every gas boiler repair we carry out. This keeps our Gas boiler service standards high and means the protection we offer reflects what our customers really want:

You can get protection if you have a conventional Gas boiler under 15 years of age, or a gas condensing or a gas combination boiler under 8 years of age.

No claim forms

Don’t be afraid to call us out!

Unlike some providers, there are no limits to how many visits you can have each year and you won’t have to pay an excess for each repair we complete.

Full annual service

Much more than the safety or maintenance check offered by some providers, our annual Boiler service is South Waless a thorough clean and inspection of all the main gas boiler components. It is recommended by gas boiler manufacturers to prolong the life of your gas boiler, keep it energy efficient and reduce the risk of carbon monoxide leaks.

No penalties for claiming

If you choose to renew your plan in a year’s time, the price of your plan will remain the same* regardless of how many claims you have made.

*subject to standard price rises that would affect all customers

Gas central Heating South Wales

Reminder for gas boiler cover customers to check tradesmen's credentials
Gas Boiler Cover policyholders have been given a stark reminder to check their tradesmen's credentials before allowing them to start work in the home.

This is as a result of one worker being fined £800 by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after he replaced a gas fire without sufficient documentation.

During 2009, when the incident took place, the companies engineer from Bristol, should have been able to produce a Gas Safe registration card on the back of the card it shows what gas appliances the engineer can work on and his number

A hearing in Avon found he had completed the job without this document and was ordered to pay £200 costs on top of his fine.

HSE inspector, said: "Do not be tempted to use unregistered engineers or friends - you could be putting your life at risk."

Consumers looking to undertake some DIY are also reminded to be careful not to block vents or drill into pipes for the same reason, according to the Gas Safe Register.

Boiler insurance policyholders worried about heating this winter?
Some boiler insurance customers harbour concerns about how they will heat their house this winter, but they are not doing much about the dilemma.

This is according to spokesperson on heat Helpline - a not for profit phone line set up to aid energy customers who are struggling to pay their fuel bill.

He pointed out that the organisation is designed to help people and offers plenty of free advice about various factors, such as ways of getting cheaper heating bills.
The survey that was conducted shows that one in three people are worried about the winter ahead.

These comments come after the Fuel Poverty Advisory Group, part of the Department of Energy and Climate Change, noted last month that the cost of changes to climate change policies are affecting those who are fuel poor, with investment in energy infrastructure essential.

CLI offer a great service to all Gas customers

CLI central heating and boiler cover provides you with peace of mind against central heating and boiler breakdowns. Available from just £11.0 0 a month.

Boiler cover is like insurance that protects you from repair bills if your heating system, including your boiler, suffers a fault. If the system breaks down or stops working, you will be able to call our 24-hour helpline.

We'll pay for a qualified engineer to come and fix the problem, and guarantee all boiler repairs.

The Benefits

Taking out central heating cover will provide you with the following benefits:

• Cover for your boiler and central heating repair costs and all parts
• Monitored and approved Gas Safe Registered repairers for your boiler and central heating
• Advice at the end of the telephone for your boiler breakdown or central heating breakdown
• Normally renewable for the life of your boiler and central heating system
• Include a full annual boiler service

CLI heating Ltd have years of experience of covering gas appliances boilers fires etc.

Gas Safe No 190960 email call now 01443 828 100

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