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Central Heating Boiler Care

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Example of CLI  Care Plan Form

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Name & Address of Landlord (if pplicable) 
Approx Date Boiler Installed:                          Last Service: 
Make of Boiler:                                               Location:                                             No of Radiators: 

By signing this CLI Care Contract the above client has read understands accepts and agrees to be bound by the terms & Conditions to qualify for the services of the CLI.

To start Contract please choose and tick one of the following options, either:
? Option 1: Send £144.00 to the above address with the enclosed signed form.   
? Option 2: Pay Monthly by Standing Order (Complete Mandate Below)

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Standing Order

Please complete the whole form including the full name and postal address of your Bank or Building Society.

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Please Pay CLI Contractors Ltd From the account detailed on this instruction subject to the account details on these instructions.

Originators CLI Contractors Ltd.

Please pay £12.00 per month to: CLI Contractors Ltd    Sort Code                Account Number

On 1st  of the Month starting from date below until cancelled by myself.

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CLI CARE Service Contract Boiler Breakdown

Terms & Conditions and of Summary of Cover

Main Benefits

1.1 Priority Attention

CLI will endeavor subject to work load and labor availability to call within forty-eight hours in response to any breakdown or failure of the Central heating system.

1.2 Safety Check & Annual Service visit

 Once during the yearly term of your Service Contract we will carry out a Annual service on your boiler.
This means a visual inspection and efficiency and safety check.

If the boiler is not working efficiently or safely it will be stripped down and a full service carried out according to CLI recommendations. Please note: Where the boiler passes an initial visual inspection and safety check, a full service will not be carried out during the current Service Contract term.

1.3 Breakdown Free Labour and Parts

In the event your boiler system breakdown, which falls within the scope of this Service Contract, we will carry out repairs at no cost to you.
No charge will be made in respect of labor or parts used in repairing covered reported fault on the central heating system.

2. Period of Service Contract

Where payment is annually in advance this service contract is valid for One year from the date of notified acceptance of the service contract and for Each year it is renewed Where payment is by monthly payments the service contract is a Monthly agreement and shall remain valid from month to month from the Date of notified acceptance of the service contract and for each month-to¬ Month period it is renewed.

If any due payment remains unpaid the service Contract will automatically terminate. 
Annually in advance, or, By monthly payments to be paid as notified by CLI from the customer

The renewal date of the service contract will be the yearly anniversary of the date this service contract was first accepted
This service contract shall remain valid for so long as no payments are Outstanding pursuant to the conditions of this contract CLI at its discretion may refuse to offer renewal of any service contract

All remittances must be received during the first year of all extended Period contracts.
4 Change of Ownership
If the ownership of the premises in which the Boiler covered by this service contract changes, the new owner shall not have the benefit of this service contract for the remainder of the period . This service contract does not include the replacement of the Boiler or radiators. Acceptance of the central heating system contract does not imply that it is installed satisfactorily.

5 Eligibility

This Service Contract is available for properties located within the Mainland United Kingdom
The property must not be used for commercial purposes of any nature. Letted property must be agreed by CLI.
 You must be the legal owner of the property.

We reserve the right to pre-screen all Boilers and may not provide cover if it has not been installed, serviced or maintained in accordance with statutory regulations, British standards or manufacturers instructions.

The boiler must be:

(i) Under 15 years of age for conventional boilers at the start date
(ii) Under 10 years of age for combination boilers at the start date
(iii) A domestic boiler with a heating capacity not exceeding 200,000 58.6KW
(iv) deemed accessible, (easily accessible for inspection, repair or service).

If on the first visit the boiler is deemed, at the discretion of CLI repairer to be outside of any of the eligibility criteria above we reserve the
right to decline coverage under the Service Contract. You may be liable for a call out charge of £60.00 in this instance.

6 Limits of Cover

The limit of our liability during the term of the Service Contract is £1,000 including VAT. If your boiler is in our view considered to be non-repairable or uneconomical to repair and you are covered under your Service Contract, we will pay you a cash settlement based upon the age of your boiler as determined by us and subject to the maximum payments listed below:

Payments to wards the cost of a new Boiler

0-5 years of age £300.00 6-10 years of age £200.00 11-15 years of age £150.00 In the event that a settlement is made in accordance with the above, your Service Contract will terminate and any further cover under this Service Contract will cease.
7 Main Exclusions

We shall not be liable for:-
1. Routine cleaning, power flush, inspection or maintenance of the product and replacement of Consumables, filter and filter seals  other than as provided in accordance with the benefits of this Service contract

2. Adjustment of timers or temperature controls or bleeding radiators, topping up of system water pressure due to normal use wher no breakdown has occured.

3. Loss of use of the boiler or system or any consequential loss

4. Rectifying cosmetic damage not affecting the safe use of the boiler

5. Material or labour charges for which the manufacturer, supplier, installer or repairer of the boiler or system may be held responsible Under any guarantee or warranty

6. You are liable for the cost of repairs if there is no fault found with the equipment, or to the extent it requires routine, maintenance, cleaning, servicing, cosmetic repairs, damage to paint work, dents, or scratches, where there is a problem with the supply of electricity, gas, or water repairs arising either from the clearing of airlocks, or balancing and venting of radiators, or any costs arising from difficulties in getting to the equipment.  Descaling or any work arising from hard water scale deposits, Including desludging and effects of aggressive water and clearing of Airlocks. 

7. Repairs to primary flueing, scale damage to boiler. Repairs arising from damage to the system (defined as radiators, valves expansion tank, hot water cylinder or above ground pipe work directly associated with central heating)

8.  Repair to any gas appliance other than the product detailed on your Schedule, replacement of consumer durables (e.g.batteries, filters, filter seals, fuses oil nozzles and ignitors.)

9. Call-out charges where no fault was found, the cost of replacing your equipment, any upgrading / improvement work required as result of legislation (Health & Safety or otherwise) or to meet current standards.

10. Servicing or repairs to dual purpose systems, fuel lines to the boiler flue system from the boiler, plugs or cables repairs arising from sludge or blockages

11.  Commercial boilers or domestic boilers used for commercial purposes not agreed by CLI.

12. Rusting or corrosion. The replacement of decorative parts, unvented pressurised cylinders

13. Any defective or damaged parts occurring from the failure of the public Electricity water or gas suppliers

14. Any damage caused through malicious or wilful action negligence misuse or third party interference

15. The cost of the work which is carried out without our approval or the cost of repairing any fault on the boiler and or system or plumbing installation caused by someone who is not authorised by CLI

16. Any defect or damage caused by fire lightning explosion flood storm tempest frost impact or other extraneous cause beyond CLI reasonable control

17. The filling up of expansion vessel or the central heating system

18. Any domestic water supply from the Boiler to and including taps, the cold water supply, its feeds and outlets.

19. CLI does not repair boilers within the first 28 days of a service contract

20. We will cancel your agreement A) if you have given false information B) you do not make an agreed payment
21. C)  we find something wrong at the first inspection

8 General Law Applicable:

Unless agreed to the contrary prior to Service Contract inception, this Service Contract shall be subject to English Law.
Requesting service or repairs: In order to request services or repairs
Call the Emergency Helpline on 01443 828100.

9 Complaints

If you have any queries associated with this product you may contact us on 01443 828105 or write to CLI
At Unit 56 Bowen Ind Estate Aberbargoed Mid Glamorgan CF81 9EP. None of the above affects any right of action you may have.

10 Cancellations
You may cancel this cover within 14 days of receiving your Service Contract Terms and Conditions document and will receive a full refund. If, however, a service or repair request has been made during this period the Service Contract provider may recover any costs incurred.
If you cancel after such period no refund will be due, and you will remain liable for the balance of the payments due.

11 Language: This Service Contract is written in English and all correspondence entered into shall be in English.

12 Service Contract term:
The start and end date are detailed on your Service Contract Schedule. A 14-day deferment period applies, meaning your cover will not start until 14 days after your application has been accepted by us.
The deferment period does not apply to renewals which have been accepted within the specified renewal offer period.

Provider The Service Contract provider is CLI whose Head and registered offices are at Unit 56 Bowen Industrial Estate Aberbargoed Mid Glamorgan CF81 9EP.

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Tel: 01443 828100
Fax: 01443828107