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Sequence of Work of Gas Boiler installation Cwmbran Wales                          

  1. Appointment to be arranged with customer.
  2. Show ID card to customer.
  3. Explain to customer extent of the works being undertaken.
  4. Discuss the route to be taken out of the property in the event of an emergency and the fire evacuation procedure, leave health & safety top sheet with customer.
  5. Ensure that fire extinguishers are checked and readily accessible throughout the duration of works.
  6. Before commencing any works read through dynamic risk assessments provided and document on the risk assessment form, if there are any significant changes or new risks conduct a risk assessment and report to management.
  7. Move any items in the way of any work being undertaken.
  8. Place dust sheets in order to protect area of works.
  9. Survey locations of boiler and radiators to ensure all conform to manufacturers’ instructions and current codes of practice.
  10. Carry in materials and equipment paying particular attention to manual handling procedures.
  11. Drill hole in wall for flue with care.
  12. Drill holes for hanging of boiler.
  13. Lift boiler onto brackets.
  14. Drill clips for pipe-work.
  15. Connect and solder pipe-work to boiler, ensuring extinguisher is to hand.
  16. Lift floor boards for piping.
  17. Cut five to length and connect boiler.
  18. Unpack radiators and mark positions.
  19. Drill and hang radiators and mark positions.
  20. Drill and hang radiators on wall and clips.
  21. Run pipe-work and connect to radiators, ensuring extinguisher to hand.
  22. Run flying lead from boiler to socket ensuring the plug contains a three amp fuse.
  23. Fill system with water.
  24. Test gas supply in accordance with current legislation.
  25. Cement flue and make good all holes.
  26. Commission boiler in accordance with current legislation.
  27. Replace floorboards, carpet and furniture.                                                                            
  28. Instruct customer on use of appliance in their home in Cwmbran.
  29. Complete all paperwork.
  30. Leave customer satisfaction survey.
  31. Quality Control Job.
  32. Issue all reports to client and offer job for client inspection.

Completed Gas Boiler Installation in Cwmbran Wales.

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